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Acupuncture is utterly Eastern. So when you approach any Eastern science with the Western mind, you miss many things. Your whole approach is different; it is methodical, it is logical, analytical. And the Eastern sciences are not really sciences, but arts. The whole thing depends on whether one can shift your energies from the intellect to the intuitive, whether one can shift from male to female, from Yang to Yin. Can one become passive/receptive? Only then do these things work. Otherwise one can learn all about acupuncture and it will not be acupuncture at all. One will know all about it, but not it. And sometimes it happens that a person may not know much about it and knows it; but then it is a knack - just an insight in to it.

When you come to an acupuncturist, the disease is not important. The “patient” is important, because it is the patient who has created the disease. The cause is in the patient; the disease is only a symptom. You can change the symptom, and another symptom will come up. You can force this disease by drugs, you can stop its expression; but then the disease will assert itself somewhere else and with more danger, more force - with a vengeance. The next disease will be more difficult to tackle than the first. You drug it, but then the third disease will be even more difficult. Acupuncture deals with the cause. And how can one get to the cause? Reason cannot go to the cause; it can only tackle the effect. Only meditation can get to the cause. So acupuncture will feel the “patient.” He will forget his knowledge; he will just try to get in tune with the “patient.” He will feel en rapport; he will start feeling a bridge with the “patient.”

When one touch anyone’s body, or work with needles, oneis working on God. One has to be very respectful, very hesitant. One has to work not out of knowledge, but out of Love. Knowledge is never adequate; it is not enough. So feel for the person. And always feel inadequate, because knowledge is limited and the other person is an entire world, almost infinite . . .

It is a mystery and is going to remain a mystery forever. It is not something accidental - that man is a mystery. Mystery is his very being.


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